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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  September 6, 2018 1:15pm-1:30pm CEST

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so the anthem controversy will be front and center it will be reheated but i donald trump in the midterm elections elections if they if nike can sustain this ad campaign up through the midterm elections this will be a salient as anything else anybody's talking about nike's winning. in when they align with calling caprona today. as a job today it's more of the top of the hour eleven hundred three household business updates in just about. bursts. home. of species. a home worth saving. given those are big changes and most start with small steps and began googling tears tell stories of communities people into innovative projects around the world. news that contributes to
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a least religious exemptions and forced to. draft its content teaching the next generation over the top to church. music channels available to people change of ownership and we're determined to build something human for the next generation along with the environment series of global three thousand on d w and online. at the. house i was in india hundreds of thousands of people all laid off they say that a victim of a tax overhaul meant to make the economy more efficient also coming up is the german economy is coming to an end actually what is on expected to drop a made trade face. can german call make his play count jump in the at electric car
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race and thinks test on china to pole position. this is your business update on how it all free and by then that you could join me being a small business is never easy but in india small business is there. having an especially hard time right now on many plane the new goods and services tax launch just over a year ago and to replace more than a dozen federal and state levies and unify the sporting economy the result higher costs less cash job cuts not good news for the government facing general elections next year. this tiny weaving factory is one of the few still humming on a once busy road in the northern indian city of punnet part known as the country's textile city. but even this is operating way below capacity.
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in the domestic market there were about one hundred seventy five thousand workers in the handloom industry today only about seventy thousand remain almost all had to change jobs some workers day laborers some drive auto rickshaws and some got into crime. he's lost three quarters of his monthly sales since the introduction of the new tax he says many small operators weren't able to do the online paperwork and couldn't afford accountants billions of rupees of tax credits are still owed to small businesses mainly because of software glitches that affected jobs. i did then said yes did our troubles began from the day the g.s.t. was launched some days we get work and other days we don't get any when the g.s.t. was launched for the first few months we had no work at all and we had to sell our land to feed ourselves. our. those at the beginning of town tell a different story the goods and services tax replaced several federal and local taxes and removed tariff barriers between india's states greasing the wheels for
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large nationwide businesses. overall i think overall the manufacturing industry is fine and after the introduction of g.s.t. the industry has received a boost and we hope that the government will reduce the higher tax groups to more reasonable tax rates then industry will grow further. but for the two hundred thirty thousand small businesses that shut down due to compliance and cash flow problems a future tax rate reduction may be too little too late. is germany's economic boom coming to an. that's what many experts are asking after the country marked a second month in a row of declining industrial orders while leading economic research institute suggested growth why not last beyond the next two years they're forecasting an uptick in domestic demand for the autumn that will sustain stable growth of up to two percent until at least twenty twenty but after that well they're less
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optimistic this comes as figures also showed today a further decline of almost one percent in july and factory orders the experts had expected a strong rebound after nearly four percent plunge in june but increased demand and factors like an expected sixty billion euro government budget surplus should help compensate. right now we're joined by close of the deputy director at the center for macro economics and surveys good to have you with us today many concerns around the world not least when it comes to trade midst of all of our what does it mean if this current uptick this current positive cycle of economic growth comes to an end we have currently no indication that the long lasting expansion phase for the german economy to come to an end or don't we have a quite a lot of uncertainty your well into the market at this point to trade policy conflict tokyo and so on but they have no current or immediate indication that is bloomberg
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come to an end. or as you say no current indication that this cycle will come to an end so to your mind the economy's in good shape we know that the international monetary fund always encourages countries to repair the roof while it is shining so if the sun is shining for the german economy right now what needs repairing. so he did german economy in general is quite in a good shape so it goes across sectors and branches so we have to use diesel scandal for the german automotive sector but all in all branches a booming especially construction sector the consumption side so and the german government is we paying its back its debt on a constant level so we are appealing to prove because understanding. i do wonder though for example about the crisis in a merger. do you not have any concerns about contagion effect there for example
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taking a look at turkey what happened there with germany. respect to detect a crisis so we see no immediate contagious effect for the german nick economy and so german economy exports one point five what expect exports to turkey what we can expect is something indo act or medium when your facts span if you need tally and banks are quite engaged one of the markets and took a so if to took a government took a government that is not willing or not able to we pay it stepped down we have more uncertainty you it around this world that don't come back to the german economy and finally very briefly if you wouldn't mind midst of all of that but we did see your institute revised g.d.p. upwards what prompted that knife. as a v.c. where you strong to mass economies so we see in constantly increasing employment figures and chop increase in income and dispose consumption is one of the main drives of the german economy right now. right now is for the deputy director at the
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for institute for my career economics thanks so much for your insights thank you. well said today we've got the numbers out what kinds of cars people hate in the european union a choosing to drive over the past quota according to the european automobile manufacturers association already a see a west fifty seven percent would petro over thirty six percent more days ago and just one out of every sixty call sold was an electric car for a long time talking about electric cars meant talking about a test that but that's changed you know musk babies not only any recall in the race competition is revving up china is racing ahead and gemini called make us want to get in on the action. misleads hopes this s.u.v. will be its breakthrough into the electric car market a direct challenge to u.s. competitor tesla assaidi says its lightest model will cover over four hundred kilometers on one charge it's the german car makers first purely electrically
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driven car nine further let's say the ski models are expected to follow by twenty twenty two the companies investing over ten billion euros in them knowing it has a lot of catching up to do in the race. america's tesla holds first place among international makers with almost fifty two thousand cars sold across the world in the first half of this year germany's b.m.w. is close behind with over forty eight thousand and china's d y d with forty six thousand folks by going is in tenth position. audi and b.m.w. also unveiled their latest electric cars this month almost all german common effect or is a pumping billions into research and development to make sure the country's champion industry stays in pole position on the markets. to cuba now while she is of u.s. trade sanctions and an inefficient economy people have learned to live with very
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limited resources the response is what cubans proudly refer to as inventor who bought no substituting everyday items with things that are in short supply demonstrating for example that sometimes a little piece of rubber can go a long way. you don't have to look far in just about any aspect of cuban life to find something like this a condom doubling at this rally as a balloon. condoms or soto's that a condom makes a terrific plug for a flat tire. the problem with all this repurchasing say health workers is that many people are liable to downplay the fact that condoms were actually invented for something completely different. from what they see the condom as a tool to use for other things that they really weren't made for like fishing and all those other things this isn't for fishing it's used to protect your life and the lives of other people and about
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a little to head. up us all. cubans are natural born inventors it seems so it's no surprise that the strong stretching characteristics of the condom make it far more useful than its original brief of contraception and disease prevention. here or hobbyist has discovered the rubber has an excellent application in home winemaking he just covers a bottle of grey fuse with a fresh condom and when the fermentation process is complete guess trapped in the balloon collapses signaling it's time for a drink. the very innovative best. box has become a common sight around the world over the last thirty years but it hasn't well i wasn't dead to venture into the motherland all of us but i saw in cap what you know until now that is the us coffee chain has just opened its first outlet in a city the milan store is aimed at an upscale market starbucks is betting that premium coffees will win over customers in a country where an espresso is a quick and inexpensive daily routine that comes to starbucks plans to close one
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hundred fifty u.s. branches in the coming year because of a slow week market. person in france and reach an agreement to end the so-called scallop pools the choose sides have now agreed on a common fishing pay raise for the prized mollusks in the eastern english channel french fishermen were angry that british boats could gather them while their own government ban them from doing so small the british boats have been exempt from the requirements which will now apply to all vessels this comes off to cash as at sea where fishing boats were seen ramming each other no one was. passing you're up to date with the latest from the world of business remember the latest on our website that you don't call us by.
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they're known as the kings of neighborhood. children and teenagers in a city dominated by crime and violence form games and flout the law for. these many mobsters feel they have no other future. g.w. . entered the conflict zone confronting the powerful two years ago the
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philippines began a brutal war against the drug gangs in which thousands of people died human rights activists and journalists charged the police with illegal killings judges which president detested as vigorously denied by just this week here in manila is his legal adviser salvador final welcome to come to the conflict zone. in sixty minutes on g.w. the folks. who have been fighting for the face taking seriously in the world oh boy here's what's come out women strong. superhero women smart talks smart stage manager frank recently dangerous time for w four must. be take it personally are you ready with all the wonderful
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people in stories that make the game so special. for all true fans. to come more than foot long line. a low and welcome to this edition of focus on europe i'm brian todd across europe right wing parties have been placing crimes committed by migrants at the center of their election campaigns the move has been.


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